Two ways: Tribalism or Democracy in Africa

Tribalism is very strong in Africa despite after 500 years of colonisation. When Europeans landed in Africa 500 years ago they realised two things: There were not countries borders in Africa but there were invisible ethnic group borders. But for Europeans to dominate and conquer Africa they used one tribe against another tribe because there were already rivalries among tribes in Africa.

Europeans managed to achieve their goals and some Africans were captured and sold as slaves with help of some tribe's chiefs. But at end white men killed all African tribe chiefs and occupied all Africa, divided it into countries and created new borders with diverse tribes in each country that we see today in Africa such as Ghana, Nigeria or Uganda.
map of Africa with different tribes
Some of Africans big tribes borders before colonisations

There is nothing wrong for Africans to know about the origin of their tribes. But why tribalism still creating new conflicts in Africa!

Nowadays, African politicians are using tribe issues to get vote from people, we saw what happened in Kenya, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, etc. When people vote for the President of a country, you must be the President of all the people and not of a particular tribe. It's happening so often in African countries when the president of country come from some particular tribe, people from that tribe believe they're superior to rest people of the country. Because they are from same origin of President tribe, therefore that it's wrong mentality, it's creating conflicts among Africans.

Africa is not moving toward democracy. Whenever there is an election in any African country always ends up in controversy. It's just happened in Ghana and Kenya, we saw what happened in Ivory Coast, in Kenya where one tribe turn against another tribe because the President Candidates were promoted themselves to get vote according to their tribes.

More than 1,000 people died in the violence which swept through Kenya after the 2007 election. African politicians could diminish the tribe problems in Africa by promoting nationalism or Pan-Africanism in their country, but tribes matter it suit them well because many African politicians get into power by using tribes issues. The same system Europeans used in past, now African politicians are using the same system to divide Africans for their own interest.

So many innocent people are killed in Africa every time there is an election because African people don't have really politicians they still have tribes chiefs like Jacob Zuma President of South Africa what he can offer for next Africans generation, he stuck in past with his tribe mentality. In 2009/10 Jacob Zuma received a budget of 1.2m for "spousal support". Why state funds should support his 4 wives instead they're millions of black South African caught up in place like Soweto where no running water or electricity.

Tribes issue is one of traditional is holding Africans back, it's time to begin to think more about black people and Africanism then thinking about tribes that it's creating division among Africans. It's time to push for democracy, human rights, good education system based in African values and the basic conditions of living, no more famine or civil wars in Africa . The true is most of African population are living below poverty line and the politicians and their family members are living in palaces as the kings of tribes. We're in 21th century and there are some children are still studying under trees in place like Ghana so called one of most advance democracy in Africa. But the children of politicians are studying in private schools in Western countries. Something must be wrong with that type of democracy! Those children who are studying under trees are the future generation of Africa without a good education system, Africa never will improve it always be exploited by internal and external forces.
 Kenya election
After 2007 election in Kenya. Kenyans killing
kenyans according to their tribes

African politicians have mentally of tribes chief they don't see the future; they don't ask themselves how Africa will be in 50 years. Can it have better democracy based in Africa value! Better education system, better condition of living for ordinary Africans! Where it can have better housing system and not shanty towns, better infrastructure in Africa, where Africans can travel from North to South Africa by fast trains or by cars! How Africans can have the ownership of their mineral resources! At moment mineral resources are in Africa soils but it doesn't belong to Africans because someone else is telling Africans how many percentages they should get for their mineral resources when it sold.

It's time for Africans to have change of mindset, forget about division of tribes and focus more in united Africa, human rights and kick out useless politicians in power. There are individuals in Africa who are greed; they only get into politic because they believe that the quickest way to get rich and not to defend interest of African people.

Africans should let go some of useless traditions that it holding them back. Africa divided; it is more difficult to control their mineral resources and to fight against corrupted politicians and external exploitation that it's being occurred in Africa for last 500 years. Currently in Mali, it was former master France who took the lead to liberate the people from North of Mali that it was occupied by some Islamite extremist. Why AU (African Union) didn't take initiative to liberate Malians from north because Africa is no united, Africans politicians were having conferences and after conferences without result to send in troops to Mali.
Dr. Kwame Nkruman
Dr. Kwawe Nkruman was a
Pan-Africanism and a leader of
African Unity organisation

Only when they saw former or currently master France sent in troops and begin to fight Islamite extremist then they decided to follow to sent in troops. That it's illustrated, so called African leaders they're followers and not leaders that it also creating confusion in Africa because there is lack of really leaders in Africa at moment. Leaders who can find solutions for Africa problems and who can defend Africans interest. African are missing leaders such as Patrice Lumumba or Kwame Nkruman, may be Nelson Mandela but Mandela was worried more about protecting his legacy instead to lead Africans.

Africans need change of mindset not just from corrupted politicians but also from all Africans. At moment it seems they have wrong state of mind that it's causing all these problems about tribes and others. Africans must trust each others, increase trades among African countries before started trading with the Western or Chinese.

Cooperation among Africans is very important, the meaning of been Africans not just people who are in Africa but also black people in North America , South America and Caribbean all these people have their root in Africa therefore they're Africans. For Example, any Jew person can go live in Israel in disputed land and doesn't matter where he or she come from as long as you're a Jew.

When someone from African union invited Haitian or Jamaican politician to participate in debates in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) where African Union organisation is based! Mindset change very important for all black people if Africa to become a good place for all black people.

Tribalism and Democracy

Your comments

This article is eyes open for all us black people and not just Africans in Africa. Yes, We missed really African leaders. If see leader like Hugo Chavez people are crying streets because they'll miss him. But I don't see any African leaders where people will be crying when they are dead included Nelson Mandela.
Kanu , Ghana, Accra

Tribalism is not helping Africa to develop.In 2007 election there were many innocents killed in Kenya cause of tribes. But the same thing happened this month again in Kenya's election about 19 are dead cause of tribes matter. I would like one day to go back to Africa and feel at home. It's time for us to start changing ideas among Black people and how to improve how motherland. Peace
Jean , Haiti,Port-au-Prince

It's showing that Africa new generation are tired of useless traditionals that it holding them back. Africans have hope you'll get there. Even Europeans had dark days where were famine, civil wars, dictatorship. Thanks My continent to create a good platform where we can learn about young African opinions about their Continent.
John , USA, New York

Great analysis about the causes of misery in Africa mainly tribalism and the lack of proper Leadership, The MAJORITY of Africans has no EDUCATION & Leaders are so CORRUPTED; Part of the SOLUTION is to make primary school free & compulsory, secondary school affordable, Job creation programs, strict control for those Investors, Eradicate corruption & Elect only Leaders with heart for the People.
Dixon F.W. , Royaume KONGO

yes thats what all africans should focus at.But we need to intergrate all humans in africa to have a common goal which can be done by our politicians
igni , kampala

This indeed is the problem Africans have.We as younger generation should stand up and fight this revolution for one time. And we do not attack each other,we only attack those who sell out our land and our resources for theire own benefit.. We can talk about this issue for hours.. As long as we do not stand up and fight within 60 years we still have this same problem.. Stop democracy in Africa..!!!
Isha , Suriname

Thank u so much 4 dis great reminder,I will say Nigeria is d worst of all our leaders r hypocrites,dey r silent about d important issues of d nation while dere wives n children r @ overseas squandering our nation's wealth,I agree with u all d so called godfather's should b wiped out we nid a change!we v 2 speak wit one voice!Africa is a great continent!we v 2 do somtn d youths sud com out n make a change!
ummulkhair , Nigeria

there are issues in Africa that generate so much emotions in Africa. Ethnic politics is certainly one. However, even those who are emotional about the negative trend of ethnicity in Africa are the guilt ones. It s ok. To air our thoughts on such issues, but acting right when the moment present itself is more important. How do the man who is complaining now view his neighbour.
Ogboma , Nigeria

Africa before the arrival of the white-man on the continent. We had it (home grown)! Clan elders were elected and these represented their people in an assembly. In communities where there were no kings, clans were loosely held together in a confederation and each clan ran their own affairs. The problem today is Poor leadership, Poverty, ignorance, greed, kleptomania, and sheer stupidity. In Ugan
Sunday , UK

The Problem in Africa is not about Tribalism or Democracy. Its deeper than that. Let nobody deceives you that we didn't have democracy in Africa before the arrival of the white-man on the continent. We had it (home grown)! Clan elders were elected and these represented their people in an assembly. In communities where there were no kings, clans were loosely held together in a confederation and each clan ran their own affairs.
Sunday , UK

The problem today is Poor leadership, Poverty, ignorance, greed, kleptomania, and sheer stupidity. In Uganda MP's were bribed with $5000 to change a constitution and in Nigeria, Legislators took $50,000 as a bribe to change the constitution but then still voted against changing that Constitution. Money is the least common multiple (not the least common denominator).
Sunday , UK

The economies of Africa are heavily dependent on Foreign aid and grants. Whoever pays the piper, calls the tunes! A classic case is Rwanda. In Rwanda, people ought to realize that the genocide there was planned, organised, coordination and funded by the USA government and the UK government from the State House in Entebbe with Museveni as the man behind that operation. It was a war of the Anglopho
Sunday , UK

That exploitation was a monopoly of France and Belgium in that area for a very long time. Today, Uganda and Rwanda are net exporters of diamonds even when we don't have diamonds extracted in those countries.
Sunday , UK

So while the USA and UK are happy to call Museveni their man and a democrat they continue to call Mugabe a dictator even though he too is elected; they refuse to recognized the democratic right of Hamas in Palestine to govern even though they were voted in power overwhelmingly. We know that while the West is trying to get closer to each other like what's happening in Europe, they are busy creating rifts among the people of the world by selling arms to warring factions in any conflict.
Sunday , UK

When Museveni came to power in 1986, he said Uganda (and Africa in general) is poor because we have people who want to be presidents for life. He promised a fundamental change. Fast, the man is still in power and don't want to leave. A Labour Foreign minister under Tony Blair asked a journalist at one time that: "You are calling for Museveni to go. Who do you want to replace place him?" That clearly shows the source of our problems!
Sunday , UK

People should be proud of their Tribes....Tribes are part of our heritage. You don't fill a form to apply to be a member of a specific tribe. The problem is those insecure leaders who always want to set one tribe against the other; give jobs & national resources to their own tribes men without due process hence promoting corruption.
Sunday , UK

In the UK for example, people are proud to be Welsh, Scottish, Irish (of Northern Ireland) and English. These are their tribes but the prefer to call them nations because they are white. Not long ago we had IRA and Loyalists throwing bombs at anybody and everybody. Dialogue prevailed and there is peace in Northern Ireland and on the mainland. The men behind the bombs (Jerry Adams and Martin McGuinness) are now MP's in the Irish Parliament having realized that the local people don't want war
Sunday , UK

Taking cases to Courts where you think you might have been cheated in an election is a good thing. Political greivienves must never be settled by bullets and bombs. Credit goes to the Opposition in Uganda, Kenya and Ghana. The only man who don't believe and never believed in that process in President Museveni of Uganda. He waged a war in 1986 even when he had been beaten in his own constituency by Sam Kutesa (Mbarara North). The only UPM elected MP was Dr C.W.Kiyonga for Kasese North. I was not surprised to hear Museveni saying that had Dr Paul Ssemwogere won the elections in 1996, the army was going to take over power. in the USA, Al Gore took George Bush (Jr) to court when he felt that he was robbed of his victory
Sunday , UK
Sunday , UK

@Sunday, You forget something welsh and Scotish or Irish aren't tribes but are states that are apart of UK. How many Scotish or Welsh politiciens that citated to kill English people. Let promoted Afracanism and not Tribalism. Please many innocent Africans are killed every day because of Tribes issues.
Rode , Jamaica

@Rode>>> I am sorry, I live in the UK and have grown up in Africa. Africa is a continent made up of many different groupings of people. In Uganda for example there are only 4 main groups - thus the Bantu, The Nilotics, the Hamites and Nilo-Hamites. The rests are just sects of these main tribal groupings. If you read what I said above, the White man wants you to believe that the Welsh/Scottish/Irish and English are nations but yours in Africa are mere tribes (pure chauvinism). I don't subscribe to that myopic paradigm.
Sunday , UK

@ Rude>>>In Africa, people have killed each other for many centuries before because in tribal conflicts. Today, they are killing each other not because of tribal conflicts but because a very few elite group of Africans who are mainly politicians are exploiting the ignorance of their people to wage political wars camouflaged as" tribal wars" whose sole aim is: political & military supremacy, stealing of national resources, employment for themselves and creating stupid political fiefdoms for themselves. We must create enduring democratic systems and structures within the current boarders before dreaming of a united Africa. That calls for strong education, R&D, the Judiciary, the civil society, Healthcare, an impartial civil service, a neutral police force Army. Get that right and the rest will follow.
Sunday , UK

@ Rude. Did you know that they are fighting over water, land, jobs, and power? Eg. Cattle-keepers and cultivators are fighting over land and water. Yet with R&D, good science and technology you can drain endless cubic liters of water from the ground and turn a dry (arid) place like North Kenya into a very green area for vegetables throughout the year; with improved stocks of cows/goats that would give you 1000% more milk and meat than the sick animals these people are rearing. The politicians wouldn't want to do that becoz that effectively makes him more vulnerable to attacks by the masses. It is easy for these stupid African politicians to control & manipulate the poor and uneducated...becoz among the blind, suddenly you are an eyed man!
Sunday , UK

@ Isha>>>>I don't mind if African resources are exploited by a black/Asian/White/Chinese person as long as (a) contracts are issued transparently (b) the right price is paid for the resources (c) the right taxes are paid in full (d) the government uses those taxes to improve the lives of the people buy building & funding schools/hospitals/universities/roads/airports/ICT hubs/a corrupt free civil service, police, army, judiciary, etc (e) as long as the company extracting these resources employ 80% of the local people...and lastly have these companies forgotten something called Corporate Social Responsibilities to the communities they are operating from?
Sunday , UK

this article is straight forward and is talking about the things that are happening around us especial in my country south africa thank you for mentioning it. I think is only south africa where you will find a president having more than 1 wife. Zuma is my president he is a Zulu i am a Zulu but he suppose to be the president of south africa a president of all people but he not doing any of that he only think of himself he just built a240 million rand house but her neigbours are in porvety and i dont think he will staep down anytime soon from being the president
nkosingiphile , south africa

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We'd like to invite you for an interview <a href=" ">seroquel 100 mg for insomnia</a> &ldquo;Steven Naismith has really good movement and I don&rsquo;t think the Everton fans fully appreciate him. He&rsquo;s such a hardworking player for the team and right now Gordon is going to need guys who have a massive work ethic. He&rsquo;s demanded that from the squad and now he&rsquo;s starting to get a wee bit of quality from them.
Werner , USA

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Alphonse , USA

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On another call <a href=" ">generic paroxetine cost</a> The Nets might be easier to corral with veterans Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson and Deron Williams. “That would be something daily we talk about — to leave the officials alone and play the game of basketball,” Kidd said.
Jarrod , USA

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I've lost my bank card <a href=" ">cheap wellbutrin sr 200 mg</a> With runners on second and third in the 11th, Crawford made a diving stop on Marlon Byrd's grounder at shortstop and recovered for a perfect throw from the outfield grass. In the 12th, Sandoval snagged Omar Quintanilla's liner at third and threw to first to get Kirk Nieuwenhuis for a double play.
Jamey , USA

I'm at Liverpool University <a href=" ">paroxetine price without insurance</a> In November 2012, the UN General Assembly voted to upgrade the status of the Palestinians to that of a "non-member observer state" - a move that allows them to take part in General Assembly debates and improves their chances of joining UN agencies.
Aaron , USA

Could you ask her to call me? <a href=" ">levaquin 750 mg for 5 days</a> Lead defense attorney Mark O'Mara says Zimmerman is concerned that even if he is acquitted, he would spend the rest of his life locked in the confines of his security regimen – hiding from the public and concealing his identity.
Stefan , USA

I hate shopping <a href=" ">levaquin 750 mg</a> "We're both protecting the port from organized crime as well as maintaining jobs," said the commission's executive director, Walter Arsenault. "This (monitor) is a way to make sure both ends of the spectrum are protected."
Lyndon , USA

Is it convenient to talk at the moment? <a href=" ">cost of levofloxacin at cvs</a> This undated image provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police shows Michael Sean Stanley. Canadian police said Thursday Oct. 10, 2013 the violent, high-risk sex offender who has been missing for more than a week has been located in the United States, but he can't be arrested because he's not wanted on any charges in the U.S. Edmonton Det. Chris Hayduk said U.S. border officials were warned that Stanley might try to cross into their country, but Stanley still managed to make it through at Blaine, Washington, south of Vancouver, on Monday night. (AP Photo/Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Destiny , USA

I'm training to be an engineer <a href=" ">domperidone cost in india</a> "The markets have been going sideways for a while now and they seem pretty hopeful that we will have this compromise deal and that is what is getting us through this," said HSBC G10 currency strategist Daragh Maher.
Brody , USA

I'm happy very good site <a href=" ">how to take levaquin 750 mg</a> &#8220;Between moving part time to a new city, starting my son in a new school, and writing/recording my new record&#8230;I really had to make the best decision for my mental/physical health and provide some stability for my family,&#8221; she posted on her site.
Kidrock , USA

How long are you planning to stay here? <a href=" ">levofloxacin price</a> Here's how the alleged scam works: Consumers apply and get "approved" for loans online. They are then asked to "secure" the loan by paying fees under the guise of a variety of names such as interest fees, collateral or insurance costs on the loan, or a lender or broker's fee.
Mariano , USA

Directory enquiries <a href=" ">25 mg seroquel sleep</a> The stiff competition for what remains of last year'sharvest could last as long as another month before farmersharvest the earliest-planted fields in what is forecast to be arecord-large 13.95 billion bushel corn crop.
Rocky , USA

Could you tell me my balance, please? <a href=" ">100mg seroquel effects</a> "A confinement [pig] is going to be dry. There’s going to be a different flavor there of the unknown; where was it raised, what was it fed, how was it killed. To Carl’s pig, when you cook it up you can literally wring it out there's so much moisture and flavor from that fat,” said Stroud, “You can only have an excellent end product with an excellent beginning product."
Ernesto , USA

Hold the line, please <a href=" ">motilium rx 10 mg fc tabs</a> She said she didn’t make a dime off the naked crotch shots from Weiner that she released to — leading to Part 2 of the Weiner scandal — but she admitted she’s considering some paid offers to pay her bills.
Jonathon , USA

A jiffy bag <a href=" ">cheap domperidone</a> MANILA, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Asian economies can ride out thestorm when the Federal Reserve finally begins ending years ofeasy money, with even those most at risk, India and Indonesia,holding enough currency reserves for rough times ahead,according to the Asian Development Bank.
Bradly , USA

Free medical insurance <a href=" ">aim cheap accutane online reeds</a> The study sampling is, of course, too small to serve as a generalization of the chicken or fast food industries. DeShazo stated the study was instead meant to remind consumers that "not everything that tastes good is good for you.&rdquo;
Cristopher , USA

very best job <a href=" ">donation limit bimatoprost buy perhaps collection</a> "He came in down the middle aisle. He shot at my daddy" but hit a flower pot, Harris said. "My daddy ran. He shot him in the back. When he fell, he came closer and shot him again."
Audrey , USA

What part of do you come from? <a href=" ">meaning using paxil xanax together altitude</a> But she seems sanguine about any criticism. "It&#039;s their right to express their feelings, and it&#039;s my right to say what I want," she says. "I want to do something for education, that&#039;s my only desire."
Brady , USA

A few months <a href=" ">bunch orchestra paxil 30 mg reviews riding player</a> Athletic director Warde Manuel made the announcement Monday, two days after the Huskies lost 41-12 at Buffalo. This was Pasqualoni’s third season with the team. He finishes with a 10-18 record at UConn.
Keven , USA

How many would you like? <a href=" ">apparent paroxetine 40mg enjoy</a> From Thursday, when you first open the sport homepage on your phone, you will be redirected to our browser site instead of the wider, desktop site you currently use on your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile.
Jaden , USA

Is it convenient to talk at the moment? <a href=" ">configuration satisfied amitriptyline hcl 100mg tab trap</a> Lacker is an inflation hawk who has been skeptical of the central bank's unconventional policies. While he focused his remarks mostly on financial literacy and education, his overall message remained the same.
Franklyn , USA

We've got a joint account <a href=" ">found seldom buy bimatoprost australia turkey adore</a> Gill, Stone and two other 18-year-olds were arrested on suspicion of 10 felony counts of setting off explosives, according to booking documents. They were each released on $50,000 bail on Sunday, jail officials said.
Ralph , USA

Will I have to work shifts? <a href=" ">buoy cunning cefixime dispersible tablets monument document</a> "Mr. Bulger kills Brian Halloran and prevents him from becoming a witness," Wyshak told the jury. Another man, Michael Donahue, an innocent father of three who was driving Halloran home, also died that day.
Vanessa , USA

Will I be paid weekly or monthly? <a href=" ">bytes disguised taking 40mg of paxil strict</a> India&#039;s governor-general, Lord Mountbatten, believed peace would best be served by Kashmir&#039;s joining India on a temporary basis, pending a vote on its ultimate status. Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession that month, ceding control over foreign and defence policy to India.
Domenic , USA

Could I have a statement, please? <a href=" ">damp accutane buy canada pharmacy vote foreman</a> In an editorial published online August 20 and in print Wednesday, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers say that there is no perfect diet, because they are all equally as good or as bad in helping people trim excess weight.
Ronnie , USA

What company are you calling from? <a href=" ">10 mg accutane per week</a> That finding left the court an opening to not weigh in on whether or not gay marriage violates the Constitution, something legal experts expected them to avoid. While the Roberts court has decided several consequential cases in recent years, including last year's health care law, many of the decisions have been narrow in nature and carefully crafted, rather than broad and sweeping. Roberts has shown himself to be more concerned with forging practical coalitions than bonding exclusively with the other conservatives on the court.
Phillip , USA

When do you want me to start? <a href=" ">25mg topamax alcohol</a> "The guidelines will enable medical professionals to give advice and support to drivers who may have concerns about any condition or disease. Indeed, the whole ethos of the work in putting together the medical guidelines is to enable driver mobility to the greatest possible degree consistent with safety on our roads."
Clyde , USA

Go travelling <a href=" ">ventolin salbutamol 100 mcg prospecto</a> "The fans, having come forward, has given us the cash to keep it going; we&#039;ve got money coming in in August from the SPFL and hopefully that will give us the breathing space to get through certainly until January."
Harlan , USA

I'm from England <a href=" ">accutane isotretinoin 10mg</a> MOSCOW - A leading Chechen rebel on Wednesday called on Islamist militants in Russia’s North Caucasus to disrupt the upcoming Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, reversing his previous appeal not to target civilians in the region.
Johnathon , USA

Free medical insurance <a href=" ">paroxetine cost without insurance</a> The camera is made out of two different kinds of wood (walnut and maple) and 14 tiny magnets. Instead of a lens it has a hole with the diameter of 0.2 millimeters. That means it has an aperture of 126 and thus a long exposure time, even up to a few minutes. Elvis developed the pinhole cameras for six different film formats from the classic Leica to 9×12 cm.
Edmond , USA

I'm on holiday <a href=" ">topiramate 25 mg tablets generic topamax</a> Given the root of this is profound austerity fatigue in a country still deep in recession a further bailout is increasingly likely. Portuguese 10-year bond yields shooting above eight percent only add to the pressure; the country could not afford to borrow at anything like those levels. President Anibal Cavaco Silva&#8217;s will continue talks with the political parties today.
Homer , USA

How many are there in a book? <a href=" ">purchase misoprostol</a> There's something irresistible about a comeback story. Politics has plenty. Mayors, governors, members of Congress and presidents all see their fortunes rise and fall -- and sometimes rise again. Here...
Linwood , USA

Best Site Good Work <a href=" ">much does wellbutrin cost without insurance</a> In an effort to shore up support within his Democratic base and among civil libertarians, who have long criticized Bush's policies, Obama said, "Some people say, "Well, you know, Obama was this raving liberal before. Now he's, you know, Dick Cheney.' Dick Cheney sometimes says, 'Yeah, you know? He [Obama] took it all lock, stock and barrel.' My concern has always been not that we shouldn't do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism but rather, are we setting up a system of checks and balances?"
Ronald , USA

I'm doing a phd in chemistry <a href=" ">stopping topamax 25mg</a> The idea of raising the income tax on dividends but allowing it as a business expense to stimulate the disbursement of the cash reserves is not likely to stimulate our economy as much as taxing it and letting the government give it to the States where it will be spent on job creating activities. While much of the dividend income does go to retired folks, most of it is heald by the wealthy. Neither of these groups is suffering as badly as the young and middle-class unemployed and while it would be a bit of a stimulous it wont create as many jobs as State payments to teachers or road workers.
Willy , USA

I study here <a href=" ">does 25 mg topamax look like</a> The U.S. District Court in Manhattan charged three New YorkUniversity researchers in May with conspiring to take bribesfrom Chinese medical and research outfits for details about NYUresearch into magnetic resonance imagingtechnology.
Rubin , USA

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